Is YourNetBiz a scam or a money-making opportunity?

There has been a lot of buzz about a new business opportunity called YourNetBiz during the last few months. When a new product like this generates so much interest, it begs the question: Is YourNetBiz a fraud or a moneymaker?

What is the essence of YourNetBiz? – It was founded in May 2009, and it is essentially a rebrand of (a.k.a. MIB). The Re-Launch was based on more of the MIB members’ comments from the previous year. The vast majority of current members have upgraded and are actively using YourNetBiz. An early assessment of this program has shown some great money-making chances, in my opinion.

Live chat services currently integrate major social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

What exactly is the product? – The offering is essentially a packaged domestic business franchise. Here are a few of its most important features:

A) Personal Business Assistant – Your business assistant, is a professionally trained salesperson who will close sales on your behalf.

B) Digital products — the rights to sell tens of thousands of digital products, all of which are in high demand.

C) Coaching – video recordings, online group talks, live group discussion calls, and 1-2-1 personal, unrestricted support from your sponsor or mentor.

D) The Travel Club — This is by far the most exciting possibility offered by YourNetBiz, but it is only available to platinum members. Platinum members get holiday rates that are cents on the dollar.

The business: MyInternetBusiness LLC is represented by the company, which has been in operation for nearly a year. Rob Hannley is the company’s co-founder and CEO. “Our missionary effort is to turn the premier online direct sales company organization on the planet,” they are quoted as stating. We hope to be a respected cooperator that every one of our affiliates will be happy to represent by acting in this manner.”

How do you make money? – They have four main packages, the least of which allows you to earn $300 – per sale and the most expensive of which allows you to earn $2000 per sale. You’ll have the option of either marketing the offer or trading the digital productions. All re-sale productions on offerings are included in the top-end package.

The Result of YourNetBiz’s Review

YourNetBiz is the solution after a comprehensive investigation into what this program offers and the possible chances for those serious about making extra money. It does not appear to be a con in any way. If the venue were to fail, it would almost certainly be due to failure to implement the countless programs effectively. Thousands of satisfied customers attest to this.

The value that YourNetBiz provides to a newcomer to internet marketing is immeasurable. It covers every aspect of internet marketing from the beginning to end and connects you with other individuals making money online.

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