How to get traffic

When people start affiliate marketing, they all ask the same question: “How do I create traffic?” This is a simple issue to answer, and getting traffic can be accomplished with just a little effort. A little every day adds up to a lot, so you will notice improvements as long as you do anything.

So, what are the many strategies for obtaining traffic? For novices, here is a list of my “traffic-getting” tactics.

SEO (Organic Results)

SEO is the process of editing your website’s content to match your chosen keywords and building backlinks to it on the internet. This is what is meant by the word organic if you don’t pay for pay-per-click advertising and your site is ranked on the first page or at least quite high in Google.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Simply put, Pay Per Click is when you establish a campaign on one of the search engines or even on social media sites like Facebook. The fundamentals are simple to grasp, and it pays to be thorough while putting up your campaigns. Pay Per Click advertising has the advantage of bringing you the most targeted traffic possible to your website. The disadvantage is that it can be costly. This is why a good campaign necessitates testing, ongoing monitoring, and “tweaking.”

Article Promotion

This is a fantastic technique to increase traffic to your website. Your results will be directly proportionate to the amount of effort you devote to keyword research; but, you never know if you’ll get lucky and “strike gold” with an article. The main reason for keyword research is because the sites to which you submit your content are already highly ranked on Google and other search engines. Oh, and article promotion is, of course, entirely free.

Forum Participation

There are two, if not three, advantages to commenting on forums. First and foremost, you get to learn as you work. It’s as simple as that: listen to what others have to say, get active, and learn. Number two, backlinks to your site that may spark interest in the forum where you’re posting and drive traffic to your site. Finally, Number 3 allows you to become a community member and be recognized by the people with whom you correspond. This takes time, but you won’t get anywhere if you don’t participate.

Social Networking Sites

Social media sites are a great method to generate traffic, especially if you have many followers on Twitter who are interested in a specific specialty; it’s almost as good as having an email list. Another benefit of social sites is that they are affiliated with friends, so you have the advantage of perhaps already having a relationship with your prospect. Inform a friend about your website; if it adds value to their lives, they will visit; visitors = traffic, simple.

Offline Advertising

Offline advertising should never be underestimated, such as billboards, television, autos, business cards, seminars, and joint ventures. I’ll offer you a couple of examples of organizations that are into marketing, or should I say Affiliate Marketing, and have excellent offline marketing methods, one of which is, which is my personal favorite. The concept behind this marketing campaign is, quite simply, brilliant! is another example of a company that has built a reputation through offline marketing. Neither of these businesses sells anything! Said they generate sales for other companies and profit from the commissions.

Video Promotion

People enjoy watching videos, so this is a fantastic way to make money online and drive traffic to your site. You can get spectacular results in relatively short periods if you tie your efforts with proper keyword research. You don’t need to direct like Stanley Kubrick; all you need to do is create a PowerPoint presentation and record it using a free screen recorder. If you’re strapped for cash, you can get open office org for free, create a presentation on it, film it with the free screen recorder, conduct some keyword research with Google’s free keyword tool, and drive tonnes of free traffic to your site. Wonderful!

I’ve just included a few “traffic generation” examples in this article to demonstrate that there are many various ways to attract people to notice what you have to offer. You’ll be unstoppable if you learn each one and practice a little each day.

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