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Get Free Borderlands 2 Mods

Looking for working mods for Borderlands 2? Are you a big fan of this game and want to improve it? On our website we have uploaded 100% of all working MODS for Borderlands. In our opinion, it’s good to check mods because they improve the comfort and quality of the game.

Why not improve your graphics details or make game easier to play? Graphic and Difficulty Mod are 2 basic Mods that every Borderlands 2 fan should check. On our website they are available for free download.

MOD Installation Step by step

Installing our mods and patches is very simple. Nobody should have any problem to run our free mods. Follow the simple steps and start playing with the best Borderlands 2 mods. You start by downloading the package from our website. The next step is to unzip the downloaded files and copy them to the game folder. The last step is double-click on the borderlands2mod.exe file. Enjoy the game and get new experiences in Borderlands.

  1. Download the file
  2. Extract the files.
  3. Drop the extracted file into your savegame folder
  4. Run (Double-click) the borderlands2mod.exe
  5. Start the game.


Borderlands 2 Graph PRO FX

Borderlands 2 Graph PRO FX is the entrance to a new level of graphic quality in Borderlands. If your computer has a good graphics card and a fourth generation i5 or i7 processor you can play in HDR resolution.


What you will get by using Graph PRO FX?

There are a few benefits of using this mode:

  • Perfect anti-aliasing
  • Definitely better colours
  • Better game flow
  • More details can be seen
  • More graphics effects

Borderlands is a great game, so it’s worth taking care of your comfort. It’s so simple, just download and copy the file and enjoy a better image quality. If you have any problems, all the information is included in the readme file.

Mod Graph PRO FX is recommended for everyone. Compare the difference before and after mod installation and you will understand why so many people have used our free module.

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Borderlands 2 Nude Mod

Borderlands 2 Nude Mod is one of the most difficult to get game mod. Every borderlands player has heard about “Node Mod” and how difficult it is to find a working Mod. On our website you can download Nude Mod for free game characters completely naked in action. Nude Mod is a unique package of textures and additional animations, giving a note of erotic to Borderlands. Would you like to see Moxxi, Maya or Gaige without clothes?

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Borderlands 2 Difficulty Mod

Imagine that you can freely control the difficulty level. Our tool cleverly deceives the game engine and allows you to change the game level.

Before you start Borderlands 2, you start an additional program. The program is very simple to use. In practice, you use the slider to move left/right. Each move to the right adds life points and increases damage resistance. By moving to the end you reach the level of God and are indestructible.

Difficulty Mod is a perfect solution if you want to destroy something. Giving yourself maximum power with maximum endurance. You must remember that using this mode is quickly boring, unless you love to destroy!

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Borderlands 2 Texture Mod for PC

Texture Mod is one of the most popular choices of our fans. Borderlands 2 is a very popular game with hundreds of thousands of players. New textures are a great way to refresh the game. Each of the ready texture packages let you to discover the game from the beginning.

Texture Mod is a database of several ready texture packages that will improve your mood. Using our module is very easy and safe. Just download the files, copy them to a folder with the game, turn on the texturemod.exe program and choose a texture package from the list.

When you turn on the game you will see completely new textures, which you can freely change. Every few months we try to upload new texture packages. We recommend the following our website to stay up to date and have the latest texture packages for Borderlands 2.

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Borderlands 2 Low PC Mod

Your computer is old and you want to play Borderlands 2? We recommend playing using Mod Graph PRO FX but we couldn’t forget about the owners of old computers and we created Borderlands Low PC Mod.

Low PC Mod is a new development of the graphics engine. Now you will be able to play on 40% less hardware than the game owner recommends.

By using Low PC Mod you will resign from all graphic add-ons. Additionally, shadows disappear and you lose some focus. Nevertheless, you will be able to play on old hardware. This mod is a very good solution for people who love retro computers or play once a month.

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